Few steps for a new home

Become a volunteer

Are you intressting to become a volunteer in Bali. We can offer several of opportunities to help us in our Organisation. .

  • Founder of Bali Dog Association. My mission is change the suffering of Balistreetdogs. I give them hope, safety and a new life.
    Beatrice Ojeda Pedrosa
  • Founder of  Bali Dog Association and Sanctuary for Dogs . Raising funds & awareness for the Bali Dog. working together with other like minded people. Building a Sanctuary for Dogs. The unwanted, neglected, starved and the abused bali dogs. I am a Rescuer, Foster & Carer for the Bali Dogs
    Debbie Mcinnes
  • A part of Bali Dog Association, helped to rescue several of Dogs and managed Marketing and Web to grow. Built new relation and found a dream place for the 2. Sanctuary.
    Björn Medernach